The Hortivinyl Profiles are 100% industrialized in noble PVC material, it is a raw material of high quality, durability and performance.

All profiles are made using the co-extrusion process and the exterior is completely white, helping the profile to absorb less heat, preventing the nutrient solution from heating up, making the system easier to clean and helping to reflect light to the plants.

The black and smooth inside makes it difficult for light to enter the system, inhibiting the development of algae and the proliferation of root diseases, in addition to assisting the flow of the nutrient solution and in cleaning the profiles.

The unique design favors stability of the bench, reducing the undesirable unevenness between the trestles, even making the installation, assembly and maintenance process easier.

Manufacturing products using PVC resin makes it possible to offer the highest guarantee and quality on the market, offering the best performance and durability of products in the field. PVC is the most suitable material to produce profiles, countertops and accessories for hydroponics, due to its high mechanical resistance, it is easy to clean and has excellent thermal stability. PVC has no restrictions on behalf of ANVISA – Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária [Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency]