Hortivinyl is the brand of products for Hydroponics and Aquaponics, manufactured and developed by the company Tecnoperfil.

Our products are developed and planned starting with raw material formulation, seeking to offer producers the best performance and durability on the market.

We only work with high quality materials and highly qualified professionals to better serve you.

We have a technical sales team, which assists in the development of systems, evaluating types of systems, area and productivity, aiming at the best beneficial cost for our customers and partners.

We are present throughout the national territory and Latin America, supplying materials and projects with high added value to the market.

Tecnoperfil Plásticos Ltda has over 27 years of market experience in the industrialization and development of plastic profiles, specialized in the extrusion of plastic profiles for several segments, among them, the development and manufacture of profiles and accessories for hydroponics of the Hortivinyl brand. To manufacture the products, we use 100% PVC resin, noble raw material, recommended and used internationally. The compound formulated by Tecnoperfil is of the highest quality, aiming at the best performance and durability of products in the field. PVC is the most suitable material to produce profiles, countertops and accessories for hydroponics, due to its high mechanical resistance, it is easy to clean, non-toxic, and has excellent thermal stability and durability. PVC is a noble and versatile material, with no contraindication from ANVISA – Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária [Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency] PVC meets all of ANVISA´s requirements and can be used in practically all types of packaging, such as films for packaging food, cosmetic bottles, hygiene and cleaning materials, bedding, table and bath products, clothing, blood bags, serum, medication, among others

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Development, commercialization and production of products for Hydroponics with high performance and durability.